Pioneer in the electrification of chemical processes of low-carbon plastics’ recycling.

"At Pyrowave, we believe the future is electric and that electricity powers a broad range of innovations serving circular economy and sustainable materials."

Jocelyn Doucet

The technology that makes a difference

Pyrowave is a pioneer in the electrification of chemical processes based on low carbon footprint microwaves. Pyrowave is a leader in the plastics circular economy and chemical recycling. Its unique technology regenerates post-consumer and post-industrial plastics into new plastics, reclaiming these resources’ full value.

Microwaves control can transmit energy more efficiently. Microwaves are cleaner as they can be powered by electricity from sustainable sources. Pyrowave is working to be proficient in the application of this new technology to develop a new generation of low carbon chemical processes.

Our patented high-powered microwave catalytic depolymerization technology platform is the most advanced in the world and is now at the forefront of the next generation of plastics.

  • 1/
    Mastery in microwaves and chemistry
    Our unique patented microwave technology
  • 2/
    Circular and low carbon approach to systems
    Our regenerative mindset applied to the value chain of goods and ressources
  • 3/
    Business model designed for efficiency
    Our scalable licensing platform
  • 4/
    Integrity and dependability of a partner
    Our brave and « no bullshit » attitude towards better collaboration, facts and output

Undo convention. Re‑do purpose.

Plastics have become critical products in our modern economy. Nearly all aspects of daily life involve plastics in some form or another. Despite their many benefits and increasing demand, plastic end-of-life problems are a global challenge. However, as technological innovations arise, the light of new and cleaner progress has begun to filter through. One of electrical emergence.

A solid process for a solid matter

Our modular technology platform enables the electrification of materials, a new way to restore our resources in a sustainable way. Our first applications are in polystyrene processing. Other applications are currently under development. Through a quick and easy deployment, it is possible to increase the recycling capacity of resources through restoring their original state, thus increasing their value in a sustainable way.

Our equipment:

  • Styrene monomer purity similar to virgins up to 99.8%.
  • 1,000 tons/year of recycled plastics per reactor.
  • An unmatched liquid yield of nearly 98%, the highest in the industry. (On a pure polystyrene basis, this reflects the amount of liquid collected per ton of plastic injected.)
  • More than 45% of GHGs avoided compared to virgin styrene production.
  • 2 to 3 times less energy to manufacture styrene monomer than manufacturing from virgin resources.
  • Pyrowave licenses its process and sells equipment and services in connection with our unique microwave reactor.


The mission of the Microwave Process Innovation Centre is to continue to develop the Pyrowave platform. Our research team is at the forefront of the application and control of microwaves in multiple patented applications, aiming to develop the next generation of low carbon chemical processes.

  • Consolidate and optimize the polystyrene recycling platform by improving its robustness, efficiency and automation.
  • Expand the range of processed (mixed) plastics and the markets we can serve.
  • Develop new applications of the Pyrowave platform to other wastes, polymers, rubbers and materials, aiming at a circularity of resources.
  • Work towards the electrification of chemical processes, by applying the microwave platform to the manufacturing industry in order to reduce energy consumption and increase yield, thus reducing the carbon footprint.

Awards and recognition

The Pyrowave technology has been recognized numerous times!

Best Franco-Quebec collaboration award
Pyrowave winner of the Outreach Outside Quebec Award at the EnviroLys 2022 Gala
Pyrowave among the 12 winners of the 2021 BNEF Pioneers
Pyrowave among Novae's 20 impactful innovations of 2020
Salaberry-de-Valleyfield and Pyrowave winners of Ecotech Québec's Eurêka! award
Closed Loop Partners
Smart Prosperity Institute
Member of: World Alliance for efficient solutions
2018 Innovation Grand Award of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec
Nominated in the Global Cleantech 50 Ones to Watch List
Ranked 1st at the International Industrial Chemistry Competition.
Top 20 Most Innovative Company, by the Canadian Innovation Exchange
Nominated in the Global Cleantech 100 Ones to Watch List

Our partners

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