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The mission of the Microwave Process Innovation Centre is to continue the development of the Pyrowave platform. Our research team is at the forefront of the application and control of microwaves in multiple patented applications, aiming to develop the next generation of low carbon chemical processes.

  • Expand the range of processed (mixed) plastics and the markets we can serve.
  • Develop new applications of the Pyrowave platform in sectors with a high environmental impact, such as cement and other polymers, rubbers and materials, aiming at a circularity of resources.
  • Work towards the electrification of chemical processes, by applying the microwave platform to the manufacturing industry in order to reduce energy consumption and increase yield, thus reducing the carbon footprint.

Pyrowave offers 100% electric, low-carbon solutions thanks to its expertise in the use of microwaves. Its patented technology platform uses microwaves on an industrial scale for high-yield production of chemicals, while allowing the use of renewable energy. This innovation considerably reduces the environmental impact of products and cuts the waste generated by these processes.

Working with international research partners and renowned universities, the innovation center publishes scientific research on the effects of microwaves on fluids. The research team is also working to develop new low-carbon applications, including the electrification of chemical processes. In this way, Pyrowave aspires to become a platform for the next generation of sustainable processes, contributing to a more environmentally-friendly manufacturing industry. 

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Scientific Publications

Discover the scientific publications of our innovation centre to learn more about the pioneering work in process electrification of our team.

Review articles

  • Article in the Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering (paying) :
    Chaouki, J., Farag, S., Attia, M., & Doucet, J. (2020). The development of industrial (thermal) processes in the context of sustainability : The case for microwave heating. The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 98(4), 832‑847.

Research articles

Book chapters

  • Chapter available for purchase :

  J.-P. Laviolette, P.  Leclerc, A. Enferadi Kerenkan, A. Eslami, & J. Doucet
(2021). Monomer Recycling of Addition Polymers. In Circular  Economy of Polymers : Topics in Recycling Technologies (Vol. 1391, p. 105‑128). ACS Publications. https://doi.org/10.1021/bk-2021-1391.ch006

Innovative projects

The projects of the innovation centre aim to develop the application of the Pyrowave modular technology platform to other plastics, but also to extend its applications to other industries.


Polytechnique Montréal and Pyrowave have received $173,000 in funding from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) for a research project designed to electrify chemical processes, a promising avenue in the current context of transition to renewable energy and the circular economy.

The collaboration between our two organizations will initially make it possible to conduct experimental tests and develop models at the Polytechnique Montréal Laboratory. Later, the team will be able to validate the results obtained on an industrial scale, using our PW6’s microwave reactor. This project is unique in the world and demonstrates the strong potential from the symbiosis between an innovative industrial partner and academic research.

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