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Choosing an employer that aligns with one’s highest beliefs, this is what we offer you. In addition to an environmental mission and challenging work, Pyrowave wants to allow its employees to worry less about some of life’s hazards.

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Professional and Personal Growth

  • The opportunity to evolve
  • Support through the ups and downs
  • A flexible lifestyle
  • A united community

Professional and Personal Growth

The opportunity to evolve:
Being at the forefront of the new generation of low-carbon materials, our employees are on the lookout for new scientific breakthroughs. This is why we place great importance on continuous employee training and the investment that goes with it. In addition, the sharing of knowledge and the mutual support within a qualified team contribute to an environment that allows for professional growth and development.

Support through the ups and downs:
As Pyrowave is paving the way for the green economy of tomorrow, our success relies on the creativity and commitment of each individual. Thus, our employees are the heart and soul of our company. Taking care of our team is always the #1 priority. Good deeds, performance and years of service are therefore highlighted. On the other hand, when an employee goes through a difficult time, our employee assistance program is there to support you through the ordeal.

A flexible lifestyle:
As we know, the pandemic has completely changed our habits and a flexible schedule is no longer a luxury. The possibility of a flexible schedule within the established hours and a lifestyle that can combine private and professional life is therefore available to most of our employees.

A united community:
Working at Pyrowave is also being part of a diverse, multidisciplinary and united team. You will have the chance to grow by participating and contributing to a variety of group activities, while working in a respectful, caring and open-minded atmosphere.

Tailor-made Monetary Benefits

  • Free transportation
  • Protection for the unexpected
  • A plan to prepare the future

Tailor-made Monetary Benefits

Free transportation:
Pyrowave encourages its employees to use sustainable modes of transportation and therefore reimburses the transportation tickets issued by the Regional Metropolitan Transportation Authority. This makes getting to work at our Montreal headquarters simple and environmentally responsible, rather than an unnecessary stress on an already busy schedule.

Protection for the unexpected:
Pyrowave also offers a group insurance plan that can contribute to the health of employees by covering a portion of the costs associated with medical and dental care. So you don’t have to worry about unexpected events.

A plan to prepare the future:
All employees have the opportunity to choose to open a group RRSP account, regardless of their seniority in the company. Contributions are deducted directly from pay before taxes and will be matched up to a certain percentage by Pyrowave. This plan is an effective way to build retirement savings for our employees through periodic payroll deductions that will accumulate and grow over time!

Employée Pyrowave

Join our team

Working while having fun, it’s possible! Sledding contests using recycled materials, organic vegetable deliveries, yoga and tapas and cocktail classes are just a few examples of activities that come from the overflowing imagination of our Social Club members. Each employee is free to propose activities to the Social Club or even to join it if they wish. Because of the distribution of our employees between the plant and the head office, the Social Club plays an essential role in helping employees get to know each other and share great moments together to create real team cohesion!

By joining Pyrowave, you join an innovation culture anchored in strong values

Facts come first

Generate and present results, in a clear, simple and objective way.


Welcome new ideas. Challenge the status quo. Dare to dream big.


Being open with others. Be an active listener. Show interest in others. Depersonnalize problems.

Making an impact

Raise awareness and change behavior. Innovate and be part of the solution for a low-carbon economy.


Walk the talk. Recognize the value of each individual. Help each other. Have honest communications and behaviors.

Making efforts to improve the outcomes

Don't settle for what you have and get out of your comfort zone.

Discover our values

Pyrowave's value of creativity
Pyrowave's value of facts come first
Pyrowave's value of making an impact
Pyrowave's value of making efforts to improve the outcomes
Pyrowave's value of respect
Pyrowave's value of trust

You care for the environment?

By joining Pyrowave, you will be working with industry leaders who are partnering with us to spearhead the greener, more sustainable economy of the future.

You have a “geeky” side?

Join a chemical process electrification R&D team who loves to solve problems and find creative solutions.

You think global and act local?

Contribute to the international growth of a Quebec-based company.

Working at Pyrowave


“First, I was attracted to the idea that I could contribute to the development of a new process to recycle plastic. Then, I realized that the heart of Pyrowave was teamwork, because collaboration is a key success factor for us.”

Karine Léger
analytical chemist

“After completing a coop program at Pyrowave at the end of my undergraduate program, starting my engineer career at Pyrowave meant for me working with a dynamic team, motivated by an innovative project while pushing the limits of engineering.”

Marc-Antoine Charron
Chemical process specialist

“Working at Pyrowave, it’s finding solutions to environmental problems on a daily basis and being part of a world-class multi-disciplinary team. The many challenges we face are a stimulating aspect of the job.”

Philippe Leclerc
Eng., Ph. D.

Still hesitating to postulate?
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Do you want to work for a fast-growing company where you can learn and innovate?

Do you want to work for a dynamic company that is open to new ideas?

Do you want to have a positive impact on the world?

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