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Pyrowave is spearheading the circular economy of plastics and the efficiency of our resources.

Who we are
Pyrowave is a pioneer in the electrification of chemical processes and innovative recycling of plastics. Pyrowave's R&D Team has developed a patented technological platform and a unique microwave-based process that breaks down plastics into their basic components, identical to virgin material, and then reuses them in other products or packaging.

Why join Pyrowave?

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You care for the environment?

By joining Pyrowave, you will be working with industry leaders who are partnering with us to spearhead the greener, more sustainable economy of the future.


You have a “geeky” side?

Join a chemical process electrification R&D team who loves to solve problems and find creative solutions.

You have a geeky side?

You think global and act local?

Contribute to the international growth of a Quebec-based company.

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Available jobs

- Laboratory Technician


“First, I was attracted to the idea that I could contribute to the development of a new process to recycle plastic. Then, I realized that the heart of Pyrowave was teamwork, because collaboration is a key success factor for us.”

Karine Léger

analytical chemist

“After completing a coop program at Pyrowave at the end of my undergraduate program, starting my engineer career at Pyrowave meant for me working with a dynamic team, motivated by an innovative project while pushing the limits of engineering.”

Marc-Antoine Charron

Chemical process specialist

“Working at Pyrowave, it’s finding solutions to environmental problems on a daily basis and being part of a world-class multi-disciplinary team. The many challenges we face are a stimulating aspect of the job.”

Philippe Leclerc

Eng., Ph. D.

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