R&D Specialist

The Pyrowave pilot plant is a global R&D centre of excellence on green chemical processes located in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Quebec. This young firm is a pioneer in microwave chemical recycling to regenerate post-consumer and post-industrial plastics into new plastics, restoring the full value of these resources. Its patented high-power microwave catalytic depolymerization technology platform is the most advanced in the world and is now at the forefront of the new generation of plastics. By bringing plastics back to their molecular state identical to virgin materials, Pyrowave technology allows infinite recycling of plastics and provides a circular economy solution to the global plastics recycling challenge.

The R&D Specialist will be responsible for the development of technologies to ensure the optimization of current products and the development of new products. A pilot plant and a state-of-the-art laboratory will be available to the R&D Specialist to meet his/her objectives on a timely basis and safely. He or she will also work in conjunction with the Engineering Department as part of his/her duties.

More specifically, the R&D Specialist will be responsible for the following:

  • Set up and conduct research projects, ensuring that they are completed according to the highest quality and health& safety standards, time and budget;
  • Cultivate curiosity while keeping abreast of scientific developments in his/her field of expertise and in all other scientific fields to encourage "out of the box" thinking and the generation of innovative ideas;
  • Generate intellectual property;
  • Act as a contact for the Engineering Department to generate data and solve problems;
  • Propose and supervise laboratory tests on pilot units.

You are the right individual if you are creative and independent, have a good sense of organization and structure, and have strong communication skills. You must also have a great scientific discipline and an outstanding attention to detail. If you are a solution- and innovation-oriented individual, and if challenges appeal to you, come and make a difference with us.

Hard Skills

  1. Excellent scientific discipline and research methodology;
  2. PhD in a relevant scientific field: chemical processes, hydrodynamics, polymers, catalysis, electrical engineering, engineering physics, etc.;
  3. Proficient in MS Office suite and calculation software applications (Comsol, Aspen, etc.);
  4. 2-3 years of corporate experience;
  5. Fluent in oral and written English and French.

Any other combination of diplomas and experience may be considered.

Soft Skills

  1. Share, embrace and demonstrate the mission and values of the organization to become an ambassador.
  2. Act as an example for your work team and demonstrate strong leadership.
  3. Have a great deal of independence and a lot of resourcefulness.
  4. Excellent demonstrated interpersonal communication skills, based on respect, tact and judgment and a solution orientation.
  5. Demonstrated sense of comprehensiveness and a pragmatic attitude to better define the issues and get involved in the development of tangible and applicable solutions.
  6. High demonstrated consideration for teamwork.
  7. Demonstrated sense of planning and prioritization of issues.
  8. Demonstrated drive and a positive attitude.
  9. Ability to perform several tasks concurrently.
  10. Demonstrated ability to organize activities and meet non-negotiable deadlines.
  11. Strong demonstrated ability to explain and popularize concepts.
  12. Demonstrated discipline and thoroughness.
  13. Ability to demonstrate great adaptability in the face of changing tasks and priorities.

Conditions and Benefits

  • Salary and vacation benefits to be discussed
  • Insurance Plan
  • Bonus Program
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