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Put out smarter output

More and more companies are moving towards sustainable solutions, integrating recycled content and adopting low carbon processes. To help them achieve their goals, Pyrowave is able to provide scalable equipment capable of producing recycled styrene monomer to companies in the following sectors:

  • Packaging
  • Transportation
  • Electronics
  • Building
  • Health
  • Packaging (PE)
  • Packaging (PP)

We are proud partners of the Michelin Group for the deployment of our technology in Europe.



Sources of polystyrene

Polystyrene provides benefits such as lightness, insulating properties, versatility and low cost. The main issue with these products and packaging is their end-of-life. Pyrowave technology makes polystyrene the easiest plastic resin to recycle using microwaves.

Polystyrene is composed of an assembly of styrene molecules. Microwaves are very selective in breaking down the bonds between each styrene molecule. In addition, the colour pigments, including black, are destroyed during the treatment. Thanks to the Pyrowave technology, polystyrene, a plastic difficult to recycle with traditional methods, becomes the easiest plastic to recycle with microwaves!

  • ICO The blue bin +

    The blue bin

    Some municipalities collect polystyrene in their curbside recycling programs. With the growing potential of new recycling technologies as Pyrowave’s, it makes more and more sense to accept polystyrene in the recycling bin! 

  • ICO Ecocentres or deposit points +

    Ecocentres or deposit points

    Many municipalities offer their citizens to bring their p polystyrene packaging at the ecocentre or a deposit point. An environmental choice to consider!

  • ICO Post-industrial +


    Many companies use polystyrene packaging for their products and have post-industrial shreddings they want to get ride of in a responsible manner. They now have a new alternative with Pyrowave.

  • ICO Retailers +


    Styrofoam packaging is widely used in the transportation of consumer goods from distribution centers to retailers. There is now a way to recycle them and reduce their environmental footprint with Pyrowave’s technology.

The styrene and polyolefins market

Styrene is a molecule at the core of the production of a variety of products. Approximately 50% of styrene production is for polymerization when manufacturing polystyrene. The second main use of styrene (15%) is the synthetic rubber found notably in tires. Other markets are the synthetic latex (12%) and ABS (11%), a plastic widely used in electronics. Styrene is therefore everywhere in our lives.